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always thought this a particularly cruel thing to wake to in a hotel when hungover. F

File under "c" for Creepy. Spotted in Ameoba Records SF where we're on a shopping spree

Here's a couple of strange things I've seen recently - first of all this poor guy in the BA inflight magazine

Now it's like I'm being haunted by Chipmunks. Look what I just saw in the flea Market on W 25th F

Turns out they DO have a French Horn after all!

Exclusive pic of us feeling really nervous as we prepare to play with the roots tonight F

I've seen some informative leaflets in my time but this one really has it all F

Here's a slightly crap photo from our video shoot today featuring Al in a kind of leather human cannon ball outfit F

X factor rehearsing in studio next to us. Compelled to bust in and cause mayhem but this is what cowell did to the last guy who tried that

Photos from our trip #3 : (from L to R) our subject Thomas Beck, Lindsay and a nice man called Michel

Photos from our trip #2 : Sellotape Arm Man

Photos from our trip #1 : Noodle Head

For those that don't live in London here's the headline that our daily free paper went with today F

dramatically crap weather in Ibiza for our last night at "Space". still tipping it down. I feel sorry for all the poor sods on holiday here.

Backside # 2 (part 2 of same). Note the nice trainers and bit of kitchen towel "just in case" F

Backside # 1 (part of a new photgraphic series by Felix)

Canine Lady

Dog woman

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