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Got the last of the Poland Spring & Smart Water, all that's left is the fancy sparkling stuff. Ready 4 ya, Irene

It's a BIRDHOUSE, ya owl-humpin' sicko. Not all tweets = innuendo.

On the summit of Pike's Peak - Tweet from 14,000 feet!

Happy 4th of July Twitter friends! In Colorado Springs, CO witnessing fireworks ON A WATERFALL!

The sign clearly states:
1. No Smoking
2. No Aqua Teen Hunger Force
3. No Old-Timey Radios

Palm Springs, CA: staying in cottage at historic Smoke Tree Ranch. Need Vitamin C? This is in the side yard:

"Meet new friends, tie that yarn, and that’s how you do THE SCARN!" #ThankYouNBC

Upon his exile from Eternia, Skeletor took solace in the West Village to embrace the hipster scene:

They ain't kidding about the delays in picking up trash in NYC, check this out:

Line for cabs at JFK, this is all from 12" of snow 2 days ago:

The male scaffold support is slowly becoming extinct, here is a rare photo of one in it's natural habitat:

Hmm, I didn't quite miss the eclipse. Can't quite tell if it's comin' or goin', here's a peek:

- not at 100% efficiency, but we got progress!

I mean, c'mon: couldn't ya see Don & Roger Sterling getting loaded in a place like this after a presentation?

I guess King Ted can change the face of pop music. Look at the CD I just picked up:

I made you a new poster for your Twitter campaign #TEAMHAROLD

SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Feathers will fly & beaks will chatter! Thrill to the amazing Polly & the millet stick of FIRE!!

here's the offender, he's that handsome bruiser on the left.

Outside NV - Dad: "Where you wanna go for vacation, kids?" Kids: "WHISKEY PETE'S!"

Las Vegas, NV: At the Monte Carlo, waiting for the comedy stylings of Frank Caliendo:

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