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I'm afraid of what people might think of me but I'm more afraid of loosing you. #Aom

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Parang ako daw sabi ni Panyang! Hahahahahaha :)))

Emegerd :"> #LilyCollins :">

Natuwa sa Leggo ni bebe hahaha :))) Playing with leggos all day long :D

Oh my Aom ♥ :"> hahaha too pretty :">


I FINALLY GOR WHAT I WANT!.:'( :"> #TearsOfJoy :'> emegesh! A dream come true! Now I can play :) #Volleyball

Productive night :) #Horror

#NW: Titanic :') #GoodMorning :D

MEDYO SATISFIED :"> #PIZZA atlast! :'>

#NW: The Amazing Spiderman... I have no idea why our room is so dark.

#NP: You Have More Friends that you know by and Glee cast :"> Love this song! :')

Woooo! Bring back the Moment. Parents are out again! FULL VOLUME ! Sasabayan namin to! :)

#NP ..... {°~°}

That "What The Hell" mment whn I jst realize tht there's mre posters inside this magazines tht I haven't touched yet?

Almost? Somewhat? Soon? Hmmm nakakapagod kasi pag sa kisame nagdidikit! -.- de kaya pato! #EffortPa! #WalangSusuko!

OMAYGASSS!! SUNGHA JUNG! IN PHILIPPINES!!!! MY LONG LOST BROTHER!! CHOS! :))))) hahahahahahaha I want to go :'(

Ceiling on progress :))) woo kangawit! #PostingPosterTime

Yay! :"""> Done! :)))) natatakam na ko :|

Dahil nagca-crave ako ...... Yay! Graham making! :">