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Heh, you can say i got better :) I present, Zenkai Bladebrawl, his backstory is coming soon , follow! https://twitter.com/HolyKing_AE

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Haha forgot the weapon :3 derp!

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Azufara's evolved form!!! Named: Naga Ultima Summoner!! V3 of each Naga is coming soon!

  • 1223 days ago via site
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Naga undead legion assasin: Keifera's evolved into ; Naga Ultima Assasin ( V3 is coming soon!!)
I will also be doing a V2 on Azufara; Naga summoner

  • 1223 days ago via site
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3rd armor!!! :D Saravela the paladin model! : Rumors say if you stare at her eyes yu get transported to a spirit world!

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Naga undead legion assasin: Keifera is a master of the undead legion naga arts, her powers can crush a foe from the inside...

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My first armor!!! (base will be female) Thanks to Artist_for_Hire for the base!!!

  • 1223 days ago via site
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I've been trying some new handle shading methods, its a lil' rusty since i started yesterday.
Hope you like!

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Bravery & People: New sketches :D!! Hope you like them!!

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Done!! Pretty simple... enjoy guild!

  • 1225 days ago via site
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First 3d like scythe if u might say... dont hate im practicing new things...

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Chaos Insignia!!!! (Drakath would be proud x3) Leave a Follow in my Twitter!

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Undead Legion and ShadowScythe insignias!!!! (there mirror efected btw , thts why they came out derpy) A follow is appreciated!!

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Scythe of Massive Reconing: It controls whoever wields this scythe, and said to give them power beyond chaos, good or evil power

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Deeeeerp drawing (especially the handle) :3 Leave a follow if u like my sketches!!

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Hector's Blade: It is said that anyone that touches the blade will have an enormous curse that last for hundreds of years...

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Ixion Scythe <Newest Creation> only took 3 mins to do this but of course has no shading...

More Coming!!!!

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Got it :D also got PP and some new sets also i got 1 year mem :D!!!

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Happy B day dage!! This is my entry called Dage's Lion Helm

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Another Creation By Me....Called Anti-Paladin's Blade!! Let me know what you think!

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