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Staff writer @Grantland33. Unparalled scansion game. Laugh about things, and stop wishing you won state when you were 30 years younger.

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And I promised this to somebody last time: My first Orange Bowl. January 2001. Title game. GOLD. SEQUINED. OVERALLS.

We're all wondering.

Somehow, this doesn't comfort me.

Rice Owls are the American-est Owls of bowl season:

I should've listened to you,


Handy printable sign graphic for those of you with football games this weekend! #happyhandturkeyday

HOLD UP. If I don't write for a blog, what is this? I feel so cold all of a sudden.

SI used to do birdwatching covers back in the day, so this is totally sanctioned.

Some enterprising soul finally scanned in photos of our '01 Orange Bowl team ... BEHOLD THE OVERALLS.

I cannot let the work SI producer is doing on front page images go unnoticed any longer:

Never question Texas Tech's promo enthusiasm again.

Words I made!

"Holly, what is it you feel you bring to Sports Illustrated?" "Harry Potter stuff, mostly."

#WEHOPEYOUDANCE, because just look at the art the man inspires

respecting Week 2

I thought having a visual representation of all the emails I need to answer would be motivating. It's just depressing.

Never really noticed how much my work headshot resembles super famous art before