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a jungle V.I.P

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Opening a new pot of coffee this morning might need 6cups !!!

Friend came home to find her garden like this ? What's happened ?

LCCC fines meeting thank you for your contribution

Just done Ernie's math homework with the aid of trash packs !
He loves them they are now been pirates

Does my bum look big in this ?

If anyone can enhance this I would be grateful

Caught my first fish last night !
Managed to catch a bigger one but it was too dark to take a pic !

Seriously if you are asked to buy this make sure it's not you having to build the levels ! Virtually impossible !

Vinegar and ash fantastic glass cleaner !!!

Walter knows what to do on a rainy day

The danger of giving ernie selotape

Pony-opoly is a winner

Went to a back street beauty parlour for a manicure ! Never again

There is a fly on the end of the branch !
It had a long pointy thing sticking out of it's head !

What is it ?

What's this ?

Is this a horse fly ?
On the end of the branch ?

Walter wants to go on bgt with sleeping !

This is what the team think of me

Never too young to start !

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