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Artist: clay cartoon sculpture, PC graphics; comedy writing; research; Easily distracted by or attracted to sparkly things; Robot Skeleton Army; puppet-sitting

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I sold hanging ghosts at craft fairs in 80s; & made these Easter & Halloween baskets. One more pic after this.

  • 1247 days ago via site
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Whassup horse? Secretariat, unSTABLE? My NEW Clay*Toon is done! Please RT if you like him.

  • 1250 days ago via site
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For us older LLS fans! Wake-up CBS!! We are ALL AGES, and here's why! Been there b4.

  • 1253 days ago via site
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Why it takes so long to pick the perfect Pope ... because it's all about the HAT, and th-that's all f-folks!

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If Kronos was a flying monkey! In the merry ol' land of Oz! (Hey! Hey!) #rsa

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Spongebob Squarepants Clay*Toon for my friend's 5 year old grand-daughter is done. Hope she likes it.

  • 1267 days ago via site
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Decided to go with black sharpie to put detail lines in faces. Much better. Clifford, new & improved. lol

  • 1268 days ago via site
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I decided to use sharpie for outlines in face. I like these better. Clay*Toons byKat Clifford the Big Red Dog set

  • 1268 days ago via site
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Just finished set of Clay*Toons- Clifford,BigRedDog 4 friend's 5yr old g'daughter; Necklace or fridge magnets (?)

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The REAL problem with brain control in the White House - you can't get thru if these are clogging up the communication.

  • 1270 days ago via site
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Half hamster, half lobster, he's Hambster! I made him for my friend and I think he came out darn cute.

  • 1270 days ago via site
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inspired by Matt/ The Today Show "Pope has taken last trip down Vatican's elevator"

  • 1272 days ago via site
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Tumbleweed episode sparked some satire from The Simpsons AND The Critic (Jay Sherman on the couch)

  • 1272 days ago via site
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For Paul Williams, I chose these to represent your movies & music as I remember & love them. Happiness & Thanks

  • 1273 days ago via site
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I can't wait for these guys to tour together. :-)

  • 1278 days ago via site
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Craig Ferguson fans - Prepare NOW for Easter! Isn't this the perfect Easter Basket or just me?

  • 1282 days ago via site
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has discontinued the pig puppet (He is best known as Gustave or Lamar from LLS with Craig Ferguson)

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Screw the Bumble, Gold and Silver.... I want pieces of that meteor!!! (Yucon Cornelius' voice)

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Cotton Mouth .... What a feeling! Where Rubio was reaching 4that water revealed!

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Marco Rubio's FLASH SPEECH (cotton mouth... what a feeling!)

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