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I pee glitter :)

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I randomly sit down on the floor at work #fat #tired

Toby likes to bite my slippers >:o

they are sad they can't go down the hall lol #animals

my shirt is a wizard taking a shot #PinkyOut #UglyAmericans

puppy Toby likes to watch the dumb cat eat lol

me in my 9 am class today

we got this in at work, I think its dumb. $18

these are the best dranks evah

I guess he doesn't like taking pictures lol put his paws up to cover his eyes

pearly whites

he's enjoying his belly run lol

all Rally House work shirts I own. never realized I had so many! my mom even has 2

free rangers shirt I got at a game 2 years ago that I haven't worn-__-

niece is such a goof

nephews nails

why does this cat always beam some lasers out of his eyes at me!

Toby has to wear a cone!!

Orion smelling my zombie slipper

these birds are always trying to escape lol

my boyfriend is cute. he wrote this on our car payment mail lol