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I pee glitter :)

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applications I threw away

we got these kid shirts in and I'm gonna have to squeeze into one!!

why are you so expensive! #birthdaycomingup #winkwink #bakingprincess

am I dumb or why don't I know what this is

me and my new friend Charlie 8)


my sister used to tell me I have chicken legs -_-

#ThrowbackThursday when my 1983 El Camino spontaneously combusted #RIPFrancisco #mybby

long hair, don't care!

there is no room on our wall for them!

OMG look at what we found! can't find them anywhere unless they're over priced!

this house is always having a party! I bet they're Mexican and have like 12 kids

#throwbackthursday when I was 18 and had blue contacts :P

aww! my birthday is coming up so I got a coupon from Joann's lol

I think that's the highest score I've ever had o.O

your girlfriend makes you boring sandwiches. I make chicken parmesan ;) #bloodsweatandtears

my life is about to suck #criesforever

they're demanding citizenship lol while holding USA flags

what the hell! people are protesting again off Sherry street!