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I pee glitter :)

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my AC friends :F


my shirt came in 8)

I think they interviewed my neighbor, she looks like Ozzy Osbourne so ima look for her on the news lol

police put up an electronic sign on our street! suspect is still out somewhere :s

miley cyrus has no ass, poor girl I feel sorry for her

whoa why are there cops in front of our house o.O #dahood

they iiiight

I think its cool how there's still trains 8)

waiting forever #row4 #gamedelayed #gonnarainagain

hard choice #fat #cheesecakefactory

why are black people following me is this a joke

I love this necklace!! #birthday

I was such a badass kid 8)

I was pissed

so comfy

boyfriend always buys weird shit off of ThinkGeek

he likes to bite my zombie slippers

I'm really bad at saving numbers