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I pee glitter :)

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look what I bought! he smells like strawberries! and he was on sale :D #ToyStory

I love getting random notes on my car! #MassEffect #Normandy #gamers

they like posing lol #cat #puppy #lookingoutthewindow

I hate how I turn red easy. I barely crossed my leg for 5 seconds! #whitegirl

wearing my unicorn shirt today :)

we just got our package and the first thing Orion did was get in the box lol

its smoothie Saturday! blue berries and strawberries

I need a weave cut

I don't know why he likes sitting on books lol

Murphy <3

the dot race is my favorite :p

this bitches hair is on my water bottle and I'm thirsty but I don't wanna pull her hair

don't need to zoom in cuz I'm on row 8 ;)

there's always beer in my el camino -_-

my daddy sent me a picture of Francisco :') #resurrected #elcamino

lol I'm still consuming this shit

my free mother effing samples 8) #lacoste #versace etc.

3more days

new to our collection! #TheWalkingDead #Daryl

world wide rankings 8)