You need a bad girl like me, so you can point your fingers and say, 'THAT'S the bad girl!'

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Tryna get my sexy librarian look on...ehh....no bueno.

Bless u if u didn't get to your polling place by 8:30! They just opend at 10 & the line is out around the prk lot!

Line is really wrapped around this damn gym.... my price has increased to $175.

Hey! This lowkey looks like a nice oil painting! #TheArtistInMe

Its effin gorg out & I have to sit in a 2 hr office meeting. Hope our director let's us off early today. :-(


This chick here is soooo damn bad, I'm jealous!

Was trying to get a side/back pic of my hurr. Lol! Close...not exactly a cigar tho.

5 hours later on this hair. :-) need some makeup now, tho.

If that copper color comes out to light or washes me out....this is my 2nd choice.

Think I want my hair to be this color. Almost a light copper.

"Up the Amp" is the light. "Rebel" is the dark. The other 2 I named are in the middle.

"Up the amp" is the light 1. "Rebel" is the dark. The other two colors I gave u are in b/w.

Ain't slept since 9 AM yesterday, yet look what I decided to start at 4:30 AM & just put the first load in! Lol!

Wait! This didn't post earlier for some reason. Talk shit and ill shoot cause I'm still fly. (So I think.)

closer up.aMy skin is a mess. I'm blind. My lips are chapped & I still got that stuff in my eyes. I'm fly tho.

No filter. No flash. No contacts in. Hair nappy. And my retainers still in. :-)

What we think? Yay or nay?

I miss the penthouse already!! *sobs* I swear if ain't love my man, mama & money, I wouldn't be going back home!

Rooftop hot tub life. Back to the bullshit of Baltimore in the AM.