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Closer look at Arafat LRT / Train station overpass.

Closer look at Arafat-Mina-Muzdalifah train. In 5 years, will also connect to #Jeddah and #Makkah.

Arafat trains run full service, shuttling construction workers, while testing the system in interim.

New (LRT / Train) Arafat Station. (Some) Hajj pilgrims may travel between Arafat, Mina, Muzdalifah.

What's this??? Unauthorized 'Hajj' graffiti--I mean--Mural on Arafat underpass.

'Arafat Starts Here' ...'Arafat Ends Here' for those of who're wondering what's playing on Side B.

The Pillar marks spot where Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) delivered his Farewell Sermon. (& Yeah it's me)

Atop Mount Arafat...

Mount Arafat, here Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) delivered The Farewell Sermon in his final Hajj.

Near-end point of centuries old 2,400 KM aqua-duct, starts in Iraq, ends in Mina, H2O for Hajj.

Whoops! We ain't supposed to climb Jabal-an-Nur, Mountain of Light. Had intended to. On to Plan B.

Jabal-an-Nur, Mountain of Light, here ArchAngel Gabriel revealed first Qur'an verse to Prophet(pbuh)

Countdown clocks until next Green or Red at Vehicle intersections in #Makkah. #cities

OMG what a cute little kid! Earnestly trying to take his first steps, as mother keeps watch. #Makkah

Dropped down to 32 Celsius, really feels cooler! Masjid-al-Haram's water mist spraying fans. #Makkah

8:57 pm #Makkah: Isha Salat / Late Evening Prayers ends and 2 Million begin exiting Masjid-al-Haram.

This unusual size and hardcover midnight blue colour stopped me. Opened book, it was Braille Qur'an.

After Dhuhr Salat / Afternoon Prayers in Masjid-al-Haram #Makkah, found a Braille Qur'an !

'Please take your decision to #StopSmoking in Holy #Makkah' Poster. #cities

In #Makkah, apparently retail and street garbage collection is outsourced. Logo suggest Green ideas.