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Next morning after Fajr Prayers, I brought my former and now extracted loose tooth to Al-Baqi... #Madinah

Only had to wait in this #Madinah Dentist's office a short time. 100 Saudi Riyals later, I was smilinger :-)

So...I've had a loose tooth for months, yet NO pain. Decided to extract it here in #Madinah...

In Al-Baqi grave like this is former TARIC Masjid's Imam, Sheikh Djabir who died in #Madinah age 35 in mid-90s.

Among more 'recent' graves in Al-Baqi, one belongs to a Torontonian who passed away mid-1990s in #Madinah...

Women from outside Al-Baqi's fenced wall, offer duas, supplications for those who are buried here. #Madinah

One brother in Al-Baqi was praying perhaps for a recently buried loved one (I did not ask him). #Madinah

Al-Baqi actually has space nowadays for a very select few people who pass away. #Madinah

Al-Baqi graveyard is open for a few hours after sunrise and again before sunset daily. #Madinah

Helps to have a map to know which Companion of The Prophet (pbuh) is buried where in Al-Baqi. #Madinah

Many Sahabah, Companions of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), are buried in Al-Baqi's unmarked graves. #Madinah

Al-Baqi is the Graveyard immediately south-east of and beside Masjid-an-Nabawi in #Madinah

Who knew a misspent youth playing Frogger would someday help one cross the streets in #Madinah and #Makkah!

This little guy standing on a traffic island in #Madinah reminded me of that SONY Robot QRIO...

It's #PizzaHut in #Madinah...wait, it's Burger Hut? Wait, it's Burger HAT? Wait, it's Hat Burger! Yay.

If this be #Madinah's Maytag Repair Man, apparently he has plenty to do...

Arabic #graffiti tagging along Khalid bin Waleed Road in #Madinah.

Qibla towards #Makkah inside Masjid-al-Qiblatain #Madinah. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masjid_al-Qiblatain

The former/original #Jerusalem Qibla remains simply as prayer space today. Masjid-al-Qiblatain #Madinah