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I think you have quite enough on your plate supermum! I will send pics of mine...

This bunny likes to watch TV

Woo. Something I can cook! Mussels! Which just so happen to be in my top 10 favourite foods. So, rah!

Olympics or no Olympics. London is the best city in the world. And I love it.

Look at my new cat companion for the week! He's a sweetie pie!

Rabbit is now in bunny jail for his blatant disregard of my 'Do not chew the wallpaper' rule...

Made dinner for . 'chicken salad?' I ask. 'Yes' she says. But she's vetoed mostly every thing I dished up...

Met with & at to discuss a diet feature & this shows up...

Karlie Kloss on Vogue's cover. Yes. The coverline 'find the perfect coat' Noooo!!

Finally starting A tale of love and darkness by Amos Oz. Anyone read it? #bookclub

My date for the evening

SPOTTED. In Dawson's Creek season one: BURGER from Sex and the City


I love random old chemists. You never know what classics you might find ( ) #silvikrin

One of the reasons I love driving is that often it's the only time I get any peace


We went for this... #Hangovercure

Big Ben says 3.25am...my cut off is 4am! *frantically flags down taxi*

Just as I scrape up yesterday's rice leftovers, someone knocks on my door to give me this magazine about safe food...

In unrelated news, I just found my sunglasses in the fridge...