N*gger On A Horse


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Me myself personally I think this is worst than Yeezus lol

This shit was top 5 back in the day!!!

.....I'm wtf is this shit

Lol Lebron is looking down at his foot to MAKE SURE he hip checked him lol

RT I'm dead ass never drinking again. Lol

This manny pacquio hat my dad bought

Tell me she don't look like Daisy Duck

RT fuck up nigga

11 sec no timeouts down by three this shit over

RT Could u imagine goin 2 da skrip club wit Tim Duncan?

Make it rain timmy...

RT #SIKE: The Spurs wouldnt even be here if Kobe never got hurt.”

Yes bruh

RT : The Charlotte Hornets?? No MJ NO!” You actin like this wasnt suppose to happen

These Lebron 11s

I really still have text messages for 2008 on my phone lol

RT “:

RT I asked your age not your bra size RT : 31

No not Kim K

No not Kim K