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Director of Research Hedgeye Risk Management (COO of Ice Edge Holdings)

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Basic misunderstanding of $AAPL ... Balance sheet not 5 weeks old. #Calendar101

Nearing the end of the company meeting with and

Professor at the chalk board this morning in the morning meeting.

The Xmas tree just before having decorations added.

The famous, and sometimes infamous, Backfence in NYC's Greenwich Village

You know you are a metro sexual when ...

NYC is a proverbial gong show ....

Freedom tower in NYC.

paintball last night at Hogan's Alley ... Mess with the bulls, you're gonna get the horns.

July 1st Fireworks in Bassano, Alberta.

I just walked by the Old Wall ...

From Italian debt analysis to a Gordie Howie Hat Trick in Men's League ... The life of

Yes that is our head of Asia research and a pinata in front of hedgeye hq

Trip to Mexico $500. Hedgeye fiesta party - priceless.

No surprise, WSJ still in it's wrapping at Hedgeye as Twitter is the new tape.

Austerity sign of the day ... Nobel prize cash disbursement reduced 20% :

"Invest in Europe Now" ... Published in mid 2010 by David Kotok. Timing is everything.

Stay away from this on Thursday nights and your ability to analyze macro markets will be much improved. #amigos #crunkjuice

This chart shows Brazil's interest rate payments accelerating due to infrastructure investment.

We are staying short $HAL into the quarter on the idea that catches $BHI (green in chart) in negative performance.

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