There Is A Hell. Δ


Monster | Parawhore | +Obsessed w/ @LanaDelRey & @TaylorMomsen. :3 Ask yourself in the most silent hour of the night: muß ich schreiben? ♥ Théo,Amélie,Jade. :B

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23 million followers. ♥

Why are you so perfect Oli ? :3

Aujourd'hui, Ciné avec , & :P (+Matt) ♥

Haters can say anything, yes ANYTHING about Gaga, but saying that she's ugly is purely lying. ♥ *_*

Lmao, I'm sure it's the truth.

Kill The Bitch.

That flawless girl made us feel confident, & forget all of our insecurities. Lady Gaga Inspires Us.♥

Lady Gaga Inspires Us. ♥

Was Born This Way, Bitches. ♥

I Love That Woman. She taught me to love, and to respect myself, & told me she believes in me. ♥

Monsterfy Me !

I'm dying. You're too beautiful for my eyes.

OMFG, You're Gorgeous. ♥

Oh Scheiße.

#RT if this is true ♥ Our Mother Monster's the best ! :D

Taylor, this is a message for yoü, from Gaga.

Kesha is a Little Monster. Lmao x)

Oh my Gaga. #ladygaga Y U NO Stop Being so flawless ?

#askmadonna are you representing photshop ?