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...too deep for the intro... #WhiteCoatGang

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U no I had my no shirt chain hangin swag on since I was 4 right

Me and HC junior year lmaoo

I was itchin, had to do it

Yaaaaaaaaaaa budddddddyyyyyy

This guy pulled it off again, blocks last shot Kentucky wins... Damnnn you NC

Which guys in dbn do u think will wear this just cuz yeezy did.... Haha, homos


Denard and Lewan

Rushing the field was such a badass experience....denarddddd

U see urself lol I spotted u

Go blueeeee baby

My nephew and nephew are def studs. But did u miss what's goin on behind em lmao


Lmao hottest girl outs the 3 sisters (Grown Ups)


Man I fucked up....after thanksgiving back to healthy food


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