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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to read Harry Potter. Owl-Post me at: @odaired.

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#IfCupidWas real, I would have been married to these guys long ago.

"Lily? After all this time?"

#youaintmyvalentinebecause you weren't there for me when nobody else was, unlike my Harry Potter books.

Dear Harry Potter Haters,
#WeAllHateYou. You don't know a good story, and I feel sorry for you.

#RelationshipsEndBecause...you didn't love or care for her like Snape loved Lily.

Valentine Date Ideas: the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

#ThingsWomenWant someone who loves them like Snape loves & makes sacrifices for Lily.

Dear Harry Potter books,
Happy Valentine's Day! I will love you until the very end.

#ThatAnnoyingFeeling when I meet people like these.

#IWantSomeOneWhoWill share my love for Harry Potter with me.

#ReasonsIHateFacebook it's always full of filthy muggles.

#thingsthatpissmeoffingeneral filthy muggles.

You call yourself a huge Harry Potter fan? #YouBetterBeJoking.

#ThingsThatPissMeOffInTheMorning when I try to open a web page but it takes forever to load.

Dear Muggle,

Valentine's Day is a lousy excuse For guys to treat their girls like queens because #BoysShould do so everyday.

I hate it when awesome lines from movies are cut out in the end.

#AFanIsSomeoneWho ALWAYS sticks there until the very end.

#GirlsShould have Hermione Granger as their role model.

#IfWeAreInARelationship, love & care for me like Snape does for Lily.