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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to read Harry Potter. Owl-Post me at: @odaired.

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#TipsForLadies don't be a Bella Swan.

#ThingsThatILike this fact:

Dear Self, #iCantTrustYouIf you're not going to bring your kid up like this

Dear Muggles,
#HowComeYouAlways say Hogwarts doesn't exist and I don't belong there? Sincerely, this.

#HowCanYouExpect me to ever forget Harry Potter? Harry Potter is my childhood and Hogwarts is my home, always.

#SillyOfMeToThink about this. I can't help it, I'm just bored.

#ThingsNotToDoAtHogwarts cast spells with the wrong incantation

#BetYouDidntKnow about how Voldemort really created the Dark Mark:

Happy Mothers Day to the Mothers of Harry Potter that I will always admire:

#WeLiveInAWorldWhere there's always unhappiness. But if it were Hogwarts,

#PeopleIWantToMeet: J.K.Rowling. Because she made my life magical.

That heartbreaking moment when...

#iLikePeopleWho make my life magical. Dear J.K.Rowling, the magic of Harry Potter will live in my heart forever.

#IWishIHad the mentality of Luna Lovegood to never be hurt by other's criticisms and to stand up for what I believe in.

#ThingsIUsedToDo wait all day just to sign up for Pottermore.

#ThingsBetterThanWakingUpEarly and going to school: Going to Hogwarts instead.

#iReallyHateWhen Harry forgets that he can use his wand. YOUR WAND, HARRY, YOUR WAND!

#ThingsThatMakeMeLOL this.

#IfYouThinkAboutIt, Voldemort must have took ages to unscramble his name.

The Harry Potter generation is the #BestInTheWorld.