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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to read Harry Potter. Owl-Post me at: @odaired.

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#WordsYouWillNeverHearMeSay "Harry Potter is over." The Queen knows that it'll never be over and I know it'll never be.

#IveNoticedThat J.K.Rowling always likes to prove me wrong.

Please explain to me why Harry can't tell what this is?

#IfICouldIWould make Windows do this to their programme...

#waystomakemehappy buy me an invisibility cloak

#ItsTimeForYouToRealize that Hogwarts has replaced Disney as the most magical place in earth to me.

She's a role-model for every girl. We admire Emma. She's Emmazing. Emma Watson is our Queen.

"22 years passed & not a moment goes by that Emma Watson isn't flawless." Happy Birthday! #HappyBirthdayEmmaWatson

On April 15 1990, a flawless lady was born. We Love Emma Watson.

#ICantStandWhen Harry always forgets to use his wand.

When you're rereading HP for the 1st time & realised that Sirius Black was mentioned right from the 1st book.

When we started loving Harry doesn't matter. What matters most: we're there til the end. Harry Potter now and always.

#ImSingleBecause I'm still waiting for a guy like Tom Felton.

This is for the moments we'll remember,
This is for the twins that'll stay with us forever.

#ThingsThatYouShouldKnow: Harry Potter is awesome and your argument is invalid, because:

#PowerPuffGirls? I do prefer the Harry Potter version:

This is pretty much fate.

#ThatIrritatesMe when the Trio keeps using magic outside of Hogwarts.