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Have a good one, sir! You make your minions very happy simply just by being you. ♥ Love you.

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THAT PERM THO #georgeharrison <3

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Jim Morrison taken by Linda McCartney - This is possibly my favorite picture by Linda ever, or one of my favorites at least. Its so posing for photoshoot, no makeup, no fake smiles, even the light is natural in this photo! I think it shows Jim's more sensitive side, the way he really felt. Linda always knew how to capture someones true identity. Shes fabulous.

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this is the album (: The picture was taken at the San Diego Zoo :D (They have a whole photoshoot there yey!)

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hey do you like my shirt yes ok thanks #supernatural

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I wanna puke. #BelieberMakeTheCheesiestTagsEVER

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HAPPY 71st BIRTHDAY! ;) I made come cupcakes for you. #thebeatles #paulmccartney

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Hey I made cupcakes cause its your birthday today. YOU LIKE?! ;D #paulmccartney #thebeatles

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Top one is Ringo using one of the drum kits on display for the people to use at his exhibition, he was just trying it out. And then bottom one is me sitting on the same one as Ringo and same fucking earphones too. OMFG I CANT EVEN CONTROL MYSELF RIGHT NOW. SAME DRUM KIT :') OMG SAME EARPHONES, SAME DRUMSTICKS. #shit hfbvjchb #ringostarr #thebeatles

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Thats me (excuse my face) and Ringo’s Sgt. Pepper suit. *sobs in corner for rest of eternity* #ringostarr #thebeatles jkdfvvbvnbm

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This show is dedicated to (': #ringostarr

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SUPER ZOOM IN LOL #ringostarr #sgtpeppersuit #thebeatles

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The hat!! dfhbhvjh #sgtpepperssuit #ringostarr #thebeatles

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This is a goo shot of the suit too :') #ringostarr #thebeatles actual friggin suit cvbcvnbvbn

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AHJSDFDBVH!!! The one and only, Sgt. Peppers suit worn by Ringo Starr on the cover of 1967 album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band....sdf764sdfuvbs09876vcb%3. Thats all. #ringostarr #thebeatles

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This is me with Ringo’s 1964 drum kit in the back, trying to keep my shit together and trying to be sneaky because we couldn’t take pictures but idgaf. #ringostarr #thebeatles

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Actual drum kit Ringo used on their first Ed Sullivan show, 1964 :’D #ringostarr #thebeatles

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This came out blurry :/

Anyways, THIS is a collage made by John Lennon for Ringo on his birthday…I forgot what year it was but I believe it was 1975(?), something like that! Isnt that sweet? C:

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Ringo’s drum kit used on Let It Be, Abbey Road, and The White Album. Also the drums he used at the famous Rooftop Concert in 1969! #ringostarr #thebeatles

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