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Anyone else getting this? Troubles, ? ~

Where are you guys getting your forecast? ~

Anyway, these are my #BBCProms highlights; let's see how many I make it to. ~

Although I raise issue with this description of "the spineless Captain Vere". That's a subjective judgement call. ~

Sent this to my Dad. Been saving it… ~

My new desktop wallpaper is basically just porn. Yay! (cc: .) ~

I still love this. Dog Diary vs. Cat Diary. ~

There we go; three lists of ten things I look for when I'm dating. That was quite fun! ~

Child chic? ~

Taking new photos for avis, etc… I like this one. Any second opinions? ~

Total adoration. ~

This tweet makes a lot more sense now that I'm not imagining…

Went "aww!" and showed my Ma this picture and she went "HE TOOK A KITTEN INTO A WAR ZONE?!?!" ~

Everything that is wrong with the World in a glance. Grrr. ~

Makes me ridiculously happy. ~

Best/creepiest album cover ever. ~

Thus far planned Summer reading. ~

All of these! (Although some I've had for a while…) ~

Hm. , , and will have to answer to my bank account. ~

Delightful words to receive from a dedicated pervert. ~

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