Happy Schnauzer


My name is Happy and I am a very naughty Mini Schnauzer. I share my owner with a silky terrier. Eating is my favourite hobby.

Photos and Videos by @Happeeee

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Hewoof all! Wot a boring rainy day :(

Nite nite all! Sleep well :)

My brofur occupation? Chief deconstructor of dog toys :( goodbye squeaky penguin...

I've been napping! Nice and warm!

I been napping! Too damp outside 4me!

#DentalCareMonth my brofur Scooby smiling :)

I am 5! Here's me shortly after.

Nice day for sunbathing 2day :)

Lie in! Love duvet days :)

I'm being evicted! I just want 2have a quiet nap :(

Sossidge roll, u know u wan 2gimme some!

My choo toy! Being chooed by bro-fur. He tipped me out of bed 4 it *humf

hey dood I saw this n thought of u. Couldn't get him 2 come closer BOL

#barneysbday bro-fur also wanted to join in! Wot a twaitor!

#barneysbday hi soz I'm late! I tried to dress up as Pooh but I don't fit in my pooh suit anymore!

I found the #PlayAgain event at the local park and took hooman to have a look and got these! Thanqoo

BOL I got upgraded to the bed, few mins later bro-fur does the same!

Hooman being lazy. If u can't beat them, join them (but snore Xtra loud).

Hooman haz the best dog toy ever! But she keep telling me to 'shooo'.. So chewy!

I'm good, just chillaxing in the best chair watchin Easties upside down

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