Too much sport tv I love RAFA! tennis, BC Lara, CFC. I. tweet. what. I. want.

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There's always a pic there to throw you off, deliberately. I had trouble getting this one.

Really stuck now ...

Ok. Understandable mistake.

Gurl those pants too! Look at them

Yep. This is one of my favs.

Mata, Oscar, Lamps #199 & Terry all scored? What is this day?#tweetslikeBoris RT : http://t.co/G0zuh8Ly

You just know Carlos would have been changing his fugly ass pp to a fuglier one, had he won. Thanks you, Jesus.

Now I could laugh at those who were giving Rafa advice, in his comeback tourney, on clay, from their twitter a/cs.

Of. Course Chelsea wins when I'm not looking, of. Course! Well done boys and #198

LOL at this Cricinfo headline. So true. Let's hope they make >100 this match.

Milos, what is this? Lol

Muzz I slept in my lucky pjs for you and stayed off twitter. Didn't work #boo.

She's correct-> I'm wrong, confused it w/ last year's promotion *walks away suitably ashamed*

If Jo plays 3/4 as good as he looks in this pic he'll beat Rogi. #AllezJo! :)' :)'

Oh, but I haz hugs for youz.

Some fool's in a parachute over my house making a lot of noise (sorry my cam sux). Sum1 call da hunters! j/k.

Happy Earthstrong to me! ;P Got it a few days ago, but of course I waited for today to open it :)

I wonder if Milos would be inspired to cut his hair again, if he sees this pic... Meh, Maybe not.

I'm sorry. I promise.... http://twitpic.com/boqgjc http://twitpic.com/boqgka

I'm sorry. I promise.... http://twitpic.com/boqgjc

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