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Ever notice how very 'T-Boz' Anthony Keidis' hair is in the Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie video?

Just adopted a rescue!!!

M: We're out drinkin'!
Me: Where's mine?!
M: You win some, you lose some.
Me: :(



Lost without you... Can't help myself... How does it feel...

And I still can't have these (yet)!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...


Don't worry

Day 2 of giving up sugar for Lent. Article 4, Subsection 7.
In my inbox:

Day 2 of giving up sugar for Lent.
The devil is a liar!!! #ValentinesDay

Gave up Sugar for Lent. Let's see how this goes. *Gets to work*, and-

"New England Journal of Medicine STUDY: Smokers have shorter life expectancy than nonsmokers" ...

If you're in #DC right now, chk out the sky! Purples & blues- matching the First Family's outfits. Can't make this up!

Booo #NRA

Soo many jokes...

And so it begins...

This is all I can say.

When visitors come to the office...stuffed animal, in tow...