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Sophomore. Vegetarian. Ghost Adventures. Reading & ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩. Doctor Who. Im Not A People Person. ✌ Met Billy, Nick, and Aaron @ Scarefest 2012 ♥

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Luke, I am your fathaaaa.

Sexiest pb&j sandwich around with peanut butter granola. I win! Oh! And a cup of millllk. :))

Starburst jelly beeeeeans.

My lil bro and sisters birthday cupcakes. Notice that the right cloud cupcakes look like a penisssss. Lmfao

Munch when she was a kitten. :')

Praying turns......into...something...else. Lmfao. Kaylyn cant see it and she thought it was a dog. Lololol

Kickass? Yes, I know. :3 I got bored todays.

My parents' idea of feeding me since im vegetarian.........

Abby. :)) 8 weeks old I think Marlena said.

What I deal with in class....lmaoo

My music that Kenney Potter signed. :3 Love that man. Still got his techniques down for singing. Lol

My sockies for the day!.lol

My cookies that I got from Greqt American cookies, earlier.....3 are the colassal sized. Lol

This is how it is at school.

Imprints on my wrist from my bracelets. Lol

Shot of Dr. pepper since im underage. Lol

This...is ninja. Lol. Mismatched socks! <3 #friends

I think I win for the day. Lol. WV rep. <3 #sockies #vans

Only in history class. XD