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Wild-eyed and intoxicated, post-pier, these are the best of all possible humans. My favourite humans. x

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This oddly sums-up the atmosphere while writing today.

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This is said cat chilling out on my bed by my legs. Chillin'. So cute. Do I attract cats now I'm single?

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Is there any greater sensation of glory than returning from 'a quiet one' at 10am wearing a borrowed Clash Tshirt?

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GIRL SEVEN has had a cover revamp. Bowled over by the awesome. x

  • 673 days ago via site
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GIRL SEVEN has been given an unexpected cover revamp. I'm bowled-over by the levels of awesome here! x

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I'm in love and probably going to elope with the revamped cover for GIRL SEVEN...

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GIRL SEVEN, the second novel, has been given an unexpected and awesome revamp. I'm bowled over by the fierce! x

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Everyone is this photo looks demented. But they really are among the best, most fun and awesome human beings ever.

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Was invited to a wild west music video shoot in Henfield. This is me with a huge knife. Copyright JDR Photography.

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Squiffy. I'm doing my "Hanna Jameson, Women's Quartley" face.

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So the second novel GIRL SEVEN will be done in a week and out next April. Have some sound and vision xx

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Once you've had red hair, every other hair colour (ok, apart from maybe bright blue) just feels sub-standard x

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"Austerity" at Lord Mayor's Dinner, London... Feel free to shudder at the freaky-as-hell skin colour divide too.

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Me, Steve, Nick, Mark Mudhoney and Curt Puppet...and some random dude. GRRRUNGE x

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They sell beer in litres here! Love Barcelona and Primavera x

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Everything wrong with the US system of government. Why the Background Checks Bill failed to pass.

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On a brighter note, I went to London Dungeons yesterday. This happened. My 'imminent death' face is exemplary.

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Obligatory soppy drunk couple on a night out photo... xx

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