Hank the 4th


Jedi and Spartan Afraid of neither man nor beast. Living the Dream! SDMF! BLS Doom Trooper...oh yeah, I like to play outdoors ;)

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That's insane with the Halloween i wore this over my colts colors after Colts lost for the #broncos

Haha Jedi Win !!

Suck it no kiss my ass!

Broncos colors!!

Colts colors

You wanna pop wheelies and act like a crazy person to blow off steam? get one of these! Little fun basterd!

tell em i said thanx for the Headdress!!

#BROWNSFORLIFE I never expect a win but when it happens....it's like oh Hells yeah!! Go #browns!!

I think this is probably more like hell than the stories of fire and flames! Very scary! U were warned! :)

Jedi 1 empire 0

I'm not prejudice or nothing but this is hilarious

your welcome!

I figured you might like this one \m/

8.3% #unemployment

Slayer!!! \m/

If this don't make ya giggle a bit you r probably deceased

I had those storms yesterday:)

Time to put the ol hog up before I get too crazy! Lol

Everybody have a kick ass Saturday!! Football 2moro!!


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