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Okay, this is hella cute. I guess I'm not bothered by Kim and Kanye because I don't really pay attention to them.

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Can you help me out with a #retweet??

Anoka, MN is known as The Halloween Capital of the World! We who call it home can tell you why, but for those who don't know, you can read all about the history of Anoka's transformation into The Halloween Capital of the World, along with a few of the more famous ghost stories that go with it in my upcoming book History and Hauntings of the Halloween Capital from North Star Press of St. Cloud, due to be released September 1st of 2014.

I have been overwhelmed with the response to my book so early in my promoting of it and I have been inspired to write a "sequel" of sorts. I want to hear from you, the townspeople, community members, business owners, former, future and current Anoka residents and admirers! I want to hear YOUR Anoka ghost story!

Send me an email at and tell me the tale of your paranormal encounter in Anoka (I'll take Andover, Ramsey and Coon Rapids too, the "Anoka Area" is large and wonderful!) Tell me what happened, where it happened, when it happened and what YOU think was happening when you had your supernatural experience. Don't be shy! I am a True Believer-so I believe you! Your personal information will remain confidential! We will discussing your comfort level of releasing names, etc. a little further along in the process when and if necessary!

Don't be shy, again, send me your story to and help me create my next book, Spirits and Specters of the Halloween Capital!

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Want to see middle school boys murder each other?! Come see Lord of the Flies at Anoka Middle School tomorrow! I'll be there! Here is the cast photo from tonight. These kids are awesome.

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If you say so

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My favorite olde-timey newspaper obit. #ghostadventures

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One of my favorite parts of #GhostAdventures is the long preamble will give someone asking for permission to investigate something "off limits" and the person responds with "Yeah, ok." #WardenJim

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Billy's Bar and Grill.

Built in 1877, originally The Anoka House, then became the the Jackson Hotel in the 1880's. After the great Anoka fire of 1884, the hotel was rebuilt with brick and re-opened in 1885. That same year, the Jackson Hotel became the site of Anoka's first murder. The victim, Peter Gross, was shot outside the hotel and brought up to the second floor awaiting medical attention. He died from his injuries 20 hours later.

However, Peter Gross is not the one who is said to haunt Billy's Bar and Grill. Do you know the tale of the red-headed woman? One of the few-decidedly female- ghosts said to make Billy's their eternal home.

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My grim German ancestors. #Seifermann.

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I woke up like this.

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My blog, The Halloween Honey turns two this month! How should we celebrate?!

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I've been trying to post this to Twitter all day! Grrr...It's the Ghost Blaster at My kind of ride!

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Look how awesome my co-worker Lisa looks! #Witch is in! I took this picture, not to pat myself on the back or anything....

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My niece and daughter summing up everyone's thoughts on winter quite nicely.

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My daughter and dog will mess you up!

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Typical night at work.

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I like. #ScoobyDoo

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Cheesy, but stick with me. Last year you asked ppl what their new year's resolution was. I said to finish my book. You tweeted back "can't wait to read it!" Well, I'm being published! Here is the cover! Thanks for that extra push, Aaron!

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BEHOLD! The cover to my debut book from ! History and Hauntings of the Halloween Capital! Look for it at fine retailers on September 1st 2014!

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