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Woke up to this sitting on my chest. Which is kinda scary since up close, she kinda looks a teeny bit like a bear. Cute attack!

  • 2654 days ago via phone
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I have a house guest this week. Her name is Barbara Walters and she owns the joint as you can see

  • 2655 days ago via phone
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Oscar Meyer weinermobile says to house "You take it and you Like it!"

  • 2657 days ago via phone
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Give it to me, you damn filthy ape! - I'm at the sci-fi museum.. It's geektastic!

  • 2658 days ago via phone
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apparently Seattle has a giant ikea lamp in the middle of town! I think it's from the Glörng collection. How do you say "Sweet!" in Swedish

My dinner looks like a pond... A delicious pond! Mmmmm tadpoles

  • 2659 days ago via phone
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Welcome to Ohio... We'll fatten you for slaughter! Yeeesh people.. Salad anyone?

  • 2667 days ago via phone
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I'm getting mixed messages from this casting office..

I know showbiz is tough but I think you mean "thru".. The.. Um... Back door.. Yeah

Backstage at Cap City Comedy with my feet up... Yes those are green pumas.. I ain't skerd

The folks at KASE were great sports and good fun. I love country stations they have things like this on their walls

  • 2688 days ago via phone
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I, like most people, love my inspirational phrases to look as much like a ransom note as possible

  • 2693 days ago via phone
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Music by weird techno british artist - crap... Hair by Dasi B - Priceless :) gotta love a Beverly Hills salon

"Twitter" and "def" mentioned in a 1950s milk ad.. Time travel? Hmmm

  • 2707 days ago via phone
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This is the Airstream trailer that is parked in the MTV/VH1 lobby.. Sweet huh? Yeah. I don't know either

I'm proud to support marriage equality..

  • 2709 days ago via phone
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Charlie the cat wrestles the couch and Wins Again!

This is Lacy a 10 month old pit who needs a home... So sweet... Www.fuzzyrescue.com

This is a goat named Hal. The lovely people at Farm Sanctuary named him after me :) I definitely see a resemblance.

  • 2727 days ago via phone
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Went on a date with Anne Coulter. Lifted her skirt and saw this!

  • 2728 days ago via phone
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