johnny kilroy


they call me the chosen one,even the Gods need a hero. member of 40oz crew/rebel socialite

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Catch me front and center at the mets game wit all my splendors

Catch me front and center at the meta game wit all my splendors

is tight cus even grandma has these kicks she wants but can't have,lmao

Me and my homie on her bday

Happy bday angie this is how we do in our side of the fence,lol

Walk into my bathroom and look what I find,damn that shit is cool lol

I got two different fortunes in one fortune cookie,I told you I'm the chosen one lol

I'm eatting again,damn I think I'm prago

I'm growing my hair and beard out,should I just let it grow or should I cutt it off lol

5 star pic

I got the mexican music I wanted,but it didn't come wit beer,it came wit great pizza yummy :)

I'm seeing double

I'm pretty,my mom tells me this everyday

chillin in the barber shop,while some crazy dominican dude walks in with this,lmao its to early

Look at my lazy ass view lmao

I'm so tired,I'm deadass laying on the floor in this meeting,look at my view lmao

Lil homie drew this for me,my next tattoo,lmao

mmmmm micky Ds after the gym is the best,thanx to the homie who brought me food to the gym lol

The people love me,they bring me food after I get out the gym,lol mm mm mucky ds my favorite

The people love me,after the working out at the gym they bring me mickey Ds lol