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NASA, Science, Animal loving Geek... who found my lego piece in life, the perfect place to work... life can't get much better!

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Found in a Purdue gift shop... Will wait for 's retort...

The definition of cuteness... Be warned!!

A #potd for my favorite Peach Fuzz!!! Met some of your friends today!

This view might help... Note all the knobs, nozzles, and access to interior :-)

Next NASA shipment to :-) Let's play a guess as to what this is...

#SpotTheShutttle over bldg 8

One of my co-workers here taking a break from keeping the peace at 3.5 years of service.

Crowds at this am!

Puppy sporting his new shirt!

Sleepy boy after breakfast, bath, and walk lol

made it out too!! Here she is with #yurisnightdc

Look who I bumped into outside! what are you doing here!! #yurisnightdc

And the spiffy label, apparently the unaged is like drinking a loaf of rye bread so said one collector this am.

Here is the schpeel on the label...

Yup, that's 65 out of the 300 sold today; they only made 898 bottles this round. All by hand.

Woot! We got our number!

Lots of busy work going on in

Safe at home, sleeping the sedative off... Mommy will not be sleeping tonight...

Meeting a four-legged co-worker today!