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Fuelband is here.

This is what happens when you leave the car in a place frequented by kids.

They still sell this old geezer, that's a whole rack full of them.

New Bose SIE2i... My old ones lasted just over a year, lets hope these live longer.

Now we play the waiting game. The very long waiting game.

This list may explain a thing or two. #Lawyers


Even in Words with Friends, law seems to take over. #Equity

This why I love this guy.

hahahah 3adi scream

This guys knows what's what.

I have a retard for a wisdom tooth. Yallah idiot not wise.

Sunset at open beach. With

Sister just made the best Macaroons I've ever had.

The contents of this bottle cannot be handled by just anyone, if you can, then I salute you.

I think my budgie is depressed.

a fraction of what I have to do... Tell me if you get it? O_o

Not a bad summer day in Exeter

I shall be the maker of this

my score =D

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