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I am a comic, writer, and a lover of Fresca. I split my time between NYC & LA. Shirley MacLaine is my God. http://facebook.com/halanscott

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Apparently even trees are taking to the streets for #OccupyWallSt

That's what she said.

You had me at "Bun."

Sorry, I'm more of a thigh man. #UpInTheAir

David Hodorowski on #SRSLYLOL

Isn't there a metaphor for dead butterflies? #RIP

I'm leaving St. Louis with a gimp finger. Maybe this could qualify as a disability and get me upgraded on my flight?

I have a new fan.

They could make hospital gadgets less ugly.

Mama's being moved! Perfect opportunity for a silly hospital bed pose.

I think I know what made my Mom so sick.

Dr. Oz has talked so much about pooping, his face has frozen that way.

Life is hard.

It's good to be home?

Visiting the Pope in St. Peters Square a 1 a.m. I heard he was a night owl.

An old woman brought this into the gay bar last night to sell. The German gays certainly don't fear carbs.

A vegetarian German sausage. AKA - a means for Germans to laugh at the silly requests of foreigners.