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Renaissance Man(Look it up babe). Artist-even with my businesses- and I make theme music for people like me. #ChampionSound

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Okaaay... So straight from the show.. To

starts about 9pm broski... sorry jus seein this

starts about 9pm broski... sorry jus seein this

I feel u.. &Yo did u see this already? Can u come out maybe?

here's the other side too... I'm gonna setup a cal-tweet too but I jus wanted u to have it for when u RT/promo the nite :-)

here's the imagery too doll

Y'all THINK y'all ballin but until u got signs like THIS on ya property...

I jis figured out why cops be so perturbed. This is what i jus saw an older police gentleman park& hop out of.. #FAIL

hahaaaHAAHAhaa here's one for you

& here's proof!!!! lol

Check out the Jaguar with the leather belt attached to the EXTERIOR #Art

U gotta peep how they built the front windshield too... #Art

I can't even believe cars like this existED.. lol I thought THIS was the future.. smh

And check out how they did the front..jus pure individuality& style.. Why does every car look the same now?!?

Yoooo& I love how they handled the rims on the back tires on this '38 Alfa Romeo

Lol- wrong!!!! It was Mercedes..

This car has been sold in recent times for $8million.. Can u guess who makes it?

This Duesenberg roadster cost $20,000 in a time when a new Ford was $610..& most were on breadlines