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This lady in front of me has the right idea! #bridesmaids ftw

Every time i go to look for xmas presents, i find my creepy ass cat! Which then hinders my search process. #FUskittles

Such a beautiful youngster,

The scholarly everyone... #roundofapplause

Only the bestest boyfriend will stay in the library with me for 10 hours....

If you ever think ur life is rough, take a look at this picture and then thank god.

Oh how i love the view from my room.

Boo boo bear bear.

Just come college advice from the wise,

The author of this book might have had a bad experience with elephants...

Anddddd theyre hatching! #magicalmoment

My brother is successfully raising a quail farm. #howweirdisthat #helpme

Park wiff my brothaaas <3 - seriously the only ones here. #toodamnhotout.