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This might be one of the stranger spams I got today. Let's go to an auction of used abattoir equipment!

I think we can safely dismiss any statement that starts with "FACT" in brightly coloured capital letters.

Here's a photo of and me at last year. Summer's coming :D :D :D

An hour later, a third try, with spelling corrected. LOL.

They had 2 tries. Here's the other. Not quite as awful but still pretty bad.

Someone, entirely unsolicited, has sent me a new logo for my shop that they designed. LOL AT HOW AWFUL IT IS

On 1st of February, Open Office always does this to me.

Did you say… sparkle?

Hi Barclays. I don't want to Download the app. I want the button underneath that. What should I do?

Here comes Damo! The beariest of all Olympians!

Ornamental brassicas look great but smell a bit like farts.

Here's a crudely derived picture of the recession. Graph of my shop's turnover, growing fast until spring 2009.

I made this a few months ago. I don't think I ever got round to showing you all. #fb

Whenever I read about Avengers lately, I always think of this first , then get disappointed. :-(

For a short while in the 90s I had an excellent Carter USM hairdo.

See what I mean. Utter utter cnuts.

I think I look pretty hawt. What do you reckon?

How's that?

Who wants to see a picture of me in 1989 with my Morrissey-inspired quiff?

Ooh, phishing email pretending to be from Apple. Careful, folks!