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Before my wife died, we enjoyed the Casinos/Comps/Shows etc. together. Now I give them to YOU! #PayItForward So follow me 702.292.8547 (@RealLifePIF)

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I'm watching @DiscoveryID #HandsomeDevils #IDAddicts

I'm watching #HandsomeDevils #IDAddicts

It’s impossible to help everybody, but as long as you’re happy with your efforts, you’ll sleep well. #payitforward

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Playing against my 7 year old son is always an easy win, but I don’t play to win. I play to teach. #payitforward

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#Kindness has never been so delicious! #payitforward #RBGC #RetroBakery Give someone a $50 Gift Card!

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Would you give a stranger a $1,000.00 gift card?... I am! #GuyNSinCity #payitforward

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My story starts on page 129 & stretches beyond the pages through my #payitforward acts. Get your copy!

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Over the years the bracelet has changed,but the motive remains the same. #payitforward Order 2day

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What does kindness mean to you? #GuyNSinCity #payitforward I asked my son, Noah. :) Tweet me your selfie video.

What does kindness mean to you? #GuyNSinCity #payitforward I asked my son, Noah. :) Tweet me your selfie video.

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We are never too poor to create change, just lazy. –Marcus Mitchell #payitforward Join experience

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#payitforward I got the proclamation, let's not forget this day

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I'm celebrating 5 years of #payitforward through my twitter account this month. Don't miss this $1,000 gift card.

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What kind of things are you posting? Spread more love & #kindness #payitforward :)

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Got bracelets?..I do! Be sure to get your orders in here

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Never wait for something bad to happen to begin something good. –Marcus Mitchell #payitforward

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Learn to fly. F.L.Y… First Love Yourself. Others Will Come Next. #payitforward :)

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And suddenly,it all started to make sense.May everything become revealed 2 U too #payitforward

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One giant $5,000.00 PIF. I’m preparing for my random encounters with strangers. #payitforward :)

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy all of your loved ones too. Be sweet & kind. #payitforward #bethelove

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And although you didn't know it, you were giving me some of the happiest moments of my life. #payitforward :)

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Spread kindness because we should all be a bit more random and fun. –Marcus Mitchell #payitforward :)

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