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RNR star!! ;)

;)~ we have company. Lol

don't hate me. ~*laugh*~

Lol. Give me a few days. I have plans with this guy...

Especially rockstars!! ;) RT : Sweating men ooze testosterone and it is a biological turn on for women.

Mmmm.. my palm is twitching!!

Hey Guess what gave Livi to put her change in?! Roflmao

gonna be a little ☀ hotter here! I LOVE IT!!

Ok Jovi girls. Wendy's has Magic Mike collector's cups. Even Big D Richie!! Roflmao ;) #OhTheIrony

Yes it's that ~hot~ lol

Saw this and thought of u lmao

. hmmm I prefer a man with maybe 3 tats, nice ass, can actually sing, play guitar, & the maracas!!! Lol ;)

ummm the food is gone. Lmao

sorry about that night @ Liquidity. ;)


speaking of uniforms... I give u Alcide. The fireman... ;)~ #MagicMike

HOT vamps in the mail... ;)

then tell the devil I said Hello. & more talkbox! ;)