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Savile with his hand up a skirt (1971) [PICTURE]

Tory Snorty Conference #DailyStarSunday

tt Lanyards turn out to be great toys after all

I've got a sore throat, Jura Superstition will help:

Jimmy Savile's Handbook for Child Minders

Understand the Lobby are stuck on a broken down train on the way back from Brum. We're Pino Grigioing it chaps

Nope, can't find any growth in Osborne's speech [WORDCLOUD GRAPHIC] #CPC12

35% prefer Boris to replace Dave #CPC12 [CHART] Observer/Opinium

Boris seen 30 times more attractive to voters than Osborne, 4 times as much as Dave [CHART] Observer/Opinium #CPC12

BAE - EADS: this explains who benefits from the deal [GRAPHIC].

The Belgian PM, Elio Di Rupo, snogged by a transvestite on live TV [PICTURE] The PM is on the left.

Not the first socialist politician that I have described thus [PICTURE]

Mili-Bingo [BINGO CARD] via

Guido app preview [SCREENSHOTS]

BBC online editor having a laugh at Ed's expense

OK, in the Guy Newsroom we've fact checked the yellow + blue = green [PICTURE] #LDconf

Gordon Brown rings the opening bell for Wall Street [PICTURE] Dow closes down over 100 points [CHART]

Concern is expressed among Republicans that Romney isn’t taking the presidential debates seriously [PICTURE]

4,310 co-conspirators voted no to publishing Kate pics by a margin of 58% (2,482) / 42% (1,828)