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After missing 3 days in parliament how does Nadine compare to Gordon Brown [CHART] #ImACeleb

Harry turncoat

Guardian Data Blog did screw up spreadsheet as per . Corrected UKIP 7.1% LibDem 7.3% [CHART]

UKIP nationally out-polled the LibDems on Thursday, not just in Corby [CHART] source Guardian Data Blog

Hamas Rocket Threat Info-Graphic

Nadine hears whips explain EU policy #ImACeleb

nodded off in front of the Communities and Local Government Committee yesterday [PICTURE]

Nonce Finder General

Celebrity Parliament Dodger [GRAPHIC]

Mensch slams Dorries for appearing on a gameshow. Here's a picture of Mensch on "Have I Got News for You"

#DailyStarSunday frontpage

I can't swallow Obama

Just arrived in the #GuyNewsroom Romney & Obama cakes via

Afraid it is, headline from your email [PICTURE]

At my pal George's 50th - held in his helicopter hanger #Essex #Oct20 #Winning

PM's reply to Mitchell

Mitchell Resignation letter -

Two once loved but now hated national figures [PICTURE]