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Old Holborn est arrive

Telegraph Queen Voting...

Lunch is served [PICTURE]

We're starting with the Crozes Hermitage

Tories running advertising campaign in battleground constituencies "Hardworking Families v People Who Don't Work"

Obama in tears. 'These were beautiful children between 5 and 10 years old.' [PICTURE]

Looks like #HodgetheDodge is trending [PICTURE]

Murdoch Plans 7 Day Times Story >> >> Picture

Luke Bozier with massive cock [PICTURE]

Ed Balls makes child cry [PICTURE]

The Rise of UK Public Euroscepticism [CHART] via John Rentoul

Auto-Trader Xmas Bash in St James's celebrating escaping the Guardian yoke

Frontpage headline in tomorrow's VAT free Guardian [PICTURE]

It was clearly tongue-in-cheek [PICTURE ]>>

I sense tears welling up in 's eye as finally the "Blair for EU President" campaign launches tomorrow

UKIP eclipses LibDems at polls and now Farage has higher media profile than Clegg [CHART] - source LexisNexis

This is a screenshot of the top story on 's sleazy website [PICTURE]

The never ending decline of the Labour Party's share of the popular vote since 1955 [CHART]