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Authority of ippr's budget response undermined by miss-spelling Chancellor's name in headline.

Mrs Fawkes is "pumping it".

With the people on the floor, not like those TPA / IEA corporate lackeys in their private boxes

The centre-right Irish government's europhilia is no more.

Maguire must be coining it from Murdoch, he spends more time on TV than his columns.

Maguire must be coining it.

It is 0311 and is still twittering

Have got the Fawkes girls political finger puppets...

Conor Pope moves up to prime time with the #guynews team

Am at an undisclosed location. Loo roll further evidence Labour campaign is in the toilet.

We love a freebie at Guy News, the Cameron dog toy has tax cuts written on it. Hmmmm...

Mug stolen from the Daily Politics set 5 minutes ago. Includes DNA sample from Simon Hughes.

Today's Sun, stories, take and graphics as seen on Guido y'day. Kelvin would be proud.