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This is not an April Fool (by Guido) or a Photoshop job. Pickles' DCLG this morning missing EU flag.

This delivery of fine Jura Whisky to the Guy Newsroom will not influence us in any way.

Scurrilous allegations in the Mail regarding drug crazed politicians

The Ed and Justine Commemorative Mug is now available:

Disappointment from means we're drinking something that helps teenage girls lose their virginity

www.GuyNews.TV Ed Miliband's Split Screen Speech Horror - Remixed - get it first via the Guidogram

Guido's Cartoonist has an attempt at that LibDem re-branding...

Indy's picture of young says he'd have starved if he hadn't married above himself

It is Whiskey O'Clock on St Patrick's Day so we're hitting the Jameson

As IPSOS-MORI poll shows level pegging with Clegg in popularity he tries out alternative career

Some consternation in the Guy Newsroom at my St Patrick's man bag fashion choice

Labour still scared of Thatcher 'oop North

What happened to Gordon waking up every day to fight for Britain?

Is Craig Oliver a self-facilitating media node a la Nathan Barley?

Labour laid the foundations for growth, didn't they?