Stephen Etheridge


PhD historian at Huddersfield University, examining the link between brass bands, the north and the working-class. Views my own.

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Morning gang. Lovely morning in the shire. Welcome, new followers, welcome. Meet the cat, looking stressed.

Welcome, new followers people, welcome. Here's a picture of the cat, critiquing my chapter.

Left to right the #acwri #phd trip. Research, lit review, conferences, learn to write and REDRAFTING.

Left to right my #acwri & #phdchat trip. Research, lit review, testing idea at conferences, learn to write, redraft

Spot the difference on the Daily Torygraph.

Down to the last packet of #cat food. Nightmare. #cat not impressed.

Be the #cat. Relax. A non-descriptive literature review is not hard. #acwri

Ta Daaa. Reverend Harry Jones in Good Words discovered 'ologies'in 1881 before Maureen Lipman in BT ad. *chuffed*

#squee #allthesnuggles I've got one of those ;)

Exciting Peter Borsay on seaside history.

Look what just arrived!

Regards last Retweet the Magazine of Music noticed brass bands caroling all day, indeed, very early in 1892.

Welcome new followers, welcome. Here's a picture of the cat

I'm pushing the envelope, going forwards.

Welcome new followers, welcome. Here is a picture of the cat. A wild beast, who wil have your hand off.

Watching the cooking of the marrow curry.

Onwards. With this troublesome piece. Were bandsmen experiencing rational recreation as social control? Erm, no.

There you go. HWJ 4/1/77 Importance of leisure history.

Today's reading.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's begun. The bibliographic horror. #phdchat #acwri