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لا للدستور لأنه لا يمثلني

مش بس عند القصر ..دي في الاتوستراد

The riot police van is feeling all patriotic this morning on Autostrad just cruising #ACAB

إخوان كاذبون في #الاتحادية

الثوار قالت كلمتها حكم المرشد في جزمتها #الاتحادية

#Ultras have joined front line at barbed wire, chanting fuck your so called Morsi

Barbed wire, tanks, and thousands of protesters against Morsi ask him to leave! #Ita7adiya

Barbed wire but this time it is presidential guards not police #Ita7adiya

Marghany st #Ita7adiya

Now in Roxy sq, no clashes just some protesters standing and lots of vigilant committees #Dec5

The scene on Marghany st from on the run side, few ikhwan are here speaking w protesters #Itihadiyya

The scene on Marghany st, protesters are fighting with MB while some attempt to leave w/ buses

An Ikhwan bus from bani sweif, protesters destroyed it a7san #fuckMorsy

Internet just went down in Maadi in the whole office #Vodafone #DSL phone is working voda 3g

This was the scene about an hour ago when we were kicking police's ass, the ran away :D #dec4

The barbed wire was pushed back by us, few threw fire flares at the police #Dec4

At the front line of the barbed wire, police not confronting at all we pushed the wire #Dec4

Huge numbers from the Noor march now very close to palace, strong chants against Ikhwan

The numbers are huge! The march is way to big to see the end of it #PalaceMarch #Dec4

Start of the great #PalaceMarch passing by #MOD #Dec4