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I'm not a WOOKIE and I'm not GRUMPY. Plus - @HappyHuman doesn't sound as interesting - and it was taken.

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Message on my desk notepad - even clients call me "wookie" - LOL !

The story never ends.... But it SHOULD !!!??

HELP !!! I'm being held captive, and forced to implement ProjectServer ! ()

Censorship in #AusKick - last week, these said Carlton Draught. (Ha ha !)

Chair of beer !! #OBS beer o clock...

Great keynote session - SharePoint Game Show - LOL ! #auspc

Great shirt from - LOL !! #auspc

Any developers at #AUSPC ?? Ballroom B at 1.30 - talking "new" client/server development

Just spotted in a session - tag dag ! (Sorry, champ - LOL !) #auspc

Email to Mr.8 - about an Audi R8...! Did he win Tatts, and not tell me ??

I think I spotted - someone in this room ! #AUSPC

LOL ! Love this 404 page - ha ha !

"Step awaaaay from the mini bar !!" (That's for a normal 375ml CAN of coke - yep !)

Awesome blog comment battle - post was about getting CurrentUser (UserProfile) in #SharePoint. (LOL !)

Hey - get off my start page...!

Does ANYONE ever leave this ticked to "ON" ?? #Java #AskToolBar #FOAD

Milan-SanRemo live on SBS - starts at 12.30am (tonight).

Is Google seeing/hearing ANY of this ?? Google *IS* evil after all ?? #ReaderGate

An entire shelf of pain...!

Yoda for pope...?!