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If you need me, I’ll be playing piano at an old-timey saloon all night #livetweet

This sweatshirt was black when I went into work.. #gymcoachprobz

Smock smock smock smock smock smock!

Post-gig crash #livetweet

The frosted cereal-to-marshmallow ratio in this cereal is way too low

Haven’t been boo’d in yearssss! The cookies and brownies are still amazingly warm

How to college student while swing dancing

Dang the moon is bright tonight. Makin my lens flare up and junk

Well that looks.. Comfortable.. I guess..?

My dad gave the rake a new handle. "Ergonomic?"

Me and my boy Jack just chillin'

Finding more mistakes, this time in my 200$ college textbook #really #youwouldthink

Oh wait wasn't kidding

Eyy kitty, I needed to use that sink

#livetweet first carving of tha seasonn

If you don't think this is cool then you've probably never seen/heard a marching band with over 50 members before.

Mmm marching band weather #Calvalcade2k13

#livetweet picking out gourds for our gourd helmets

(cont) ...which bounces off the roof and lands right in front of me. Umm wat.

Well, restoring my phone mostly worked. Although it looks like I have a few apps that need updating..